FYT Cartridge Needles – Box of 20


Premium quality cartridge needles with a rubber membrane to reduce cross-contamination and spills while tattooing is among the safest cartridges in the market.

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FYT Cartridges for tattoo professionals is a must. These Round Liners are made from some of the best tattoo needles on the market and come in a variety of grouping configurations as well as having a rubber membrane that effectively minimizes the cross contamination when tattooing.

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11 Flat, 11 RS Round Shaders, 13 Curved Magnum, 13CM BP, 13M1 Magnum, 14 RS Round Shaders, 15 Curved Magnum, 15 M1 Bugpin Magnum, 15CM BP, 15M1 Magnum, 23CM BP, 3 Round Liner Tight, 3 RS Round Shaders, 5 Flat, 5 RLT Round Liner Bugpin, 5 Round Liner Tight, 5 RS Round Shaders, 5M1 Magnum, 7 Curved Magnum, 7 Flat, 7 Round Liner Tight, 7 RS Round Shaders, 7M1 BP – Bugpin Magnum, 9 Curved Magnum, 9 Flat, 9 RLT Round Liner Bugpin, 9 Round Liner Tight, 9 RS Round Shaders, 9CM BP, 9M1 Bugpin Magnum, 9M1 Magnum


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