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Practice Skin Quality Product Thickness-2mm And Both sides usable, Plain for free style practice 100% brand-new Skin-like material.




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A commitment to learn to tattoo requires a lot of practice. Before you go anywhere near real skin you need to get the hours in to become used to your equipment and to get a good handle on technique and technicalities. But what can you use for this tattoo practice?

NOTHING is the same as real skin {WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING FOR PRACTICE}. That’s worth noting right from the start.  However, there are lots of different types of practice skins that you can work on to help you progress.

I have tried them all and set up this site to put down the information about what works and what doesn’t. There is lots of useful information to know such as…

  • How to prepare the practice skins for best results.
  • Techniques that will help your tattoo practice.
  • Where to get hold of practice skins
  • What to buy and what to avoid
  • The differences between different types of practice skins and real skin

What can I use to practice tattooing?

There are many different types of items used as tattoo practice skin. I look at them all in depth and discuss their pro’s and con’s and how best to use them. They include

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Practice Skin Thick Large A4, Practice Skin Thick Medium, Practice Skin Thick Medium with Belt, Practice Skin Thin Large A4, Practice Skin Thin Small


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