Tattoo Gizmo Carbon Evolved Cartridge Needle


Cartridges come with bevel ,transparent grey tips, Membrane protected cartridges, no ink leakage to the tube Fully EO Gas sterilized needles and blister packed



All cartridges come with membrane toprevent ink leakage to the tubes Cartridges are fully sterilized by ethylene oxide gas and blister packaged in box of 20

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11MG / 11M1 Magnum, 11RL Round Liner, 11RM / 11CM Round Magnum, 11RS Round Shaders, 13MG / 13M1 Magnum, 13RM / 13CM Round Magnum, 14RL Round Liner, 14RS Round Shaders, 15MG / 15M1 Magnum, 15RM / 15CM Round Magnum, 18RL Round Liner, 18RS Round Shaders, 1RL Round Liner, 3RL Round Liner, 3RS Round Shaders, 5 RL Round Liner, 5MG / 5M1 Magnum, 5RM / 5CM Round Magnum, 5RS Round Shaders, 7 RL Round Liner, 7MG / 7M1 Magnum, 7RM / 7CM Round Magnum, 7RS Round Shaders, 9MG / 9M1 Magnum, 9RL Round Liner, 9RM / 9CM Round Magnum, 9RS Round Shaders


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