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Tattoo Magic Bandage For Tattoo Grip Magic Grip Cover

30.00 300.00
Tattoo Magic Bandage For Tattoo Grip Magic Grip Cover For Tattoo Tubes Tattoo Grip The use of special materials, not sticky, non-slip, shock-absorbing elastic.        …

Virtue Tattoo Needle

500.00 550.00
Made of high quality stainless steel, sterilized, individually wrapped, Excellent performance with all kind of tattoo coil machine and tattoo rotary machine, Good Quality Tattoo…

Disposable Plastic Tips / Tubes Small

Disposable Plastic Tips High-quality tattoo supplies. Sterile disposable tattoo tips. EO Gas Sterilized in individually sealed sterile pouch. Box Of 50 Disposable Tips. …

American Standard Tattoo Cartridge Needles (Box of 20)

800.00 1,200.00
American Standard Cartridges are disposable single-use tattoo needle cartridges that allow tattoo artists to set up needles and switch needle configuration very quickly during tattooing…

Squidster Tattoo Skin Marker

Sterile or non-sterile pen - perfect for working as a tattoo artist under medical hygiene conditions. The color stays well on the skin. Only to be removed…

Practice Skin

100.00 300.00
Practice Skin Quality Product Thickness-2mm And Both sides usable, Plain for free style practice 100% brand-new Skin-like material.        …

Carbon Tattoo Needles – Regular

750.00 1,350.00
Carbon Tattoo Needles Each needle is inspected before it goes through our unique soldering and EO sterilization Process. Ensuring same perfect quality, Best in Class Needles imported…

Thick Food Grade Plastic Ink Cups

Thick Food Grade Plastic Ink Cups High quality ink cups for your ink and extremely unique high quality ink cup holders for your ink cups filled…

Tattoo Gizmo Tattoo Wrap

150.00 600.00
Once the artist is happy with the cleanliness of the area, they will proceed to wrap the tattoo with one of a variety materials depending…

Fantom Black Nitrile Gloves – Box of 100 Pc

Disposable Gloves Our Nitrile Examination Gloves are formulated with 100% nitrile polymer which contains no natural rubber latex (NRL) protein, and thus is ideal for persons…

Eternal Colors

Eternal Ink was developed by Terry Welker (Tramp) from Michigan USA (tattooing already 30 years and the owner of Eternal tattoo supply) and being produced in Eternal tattoo supply facility.   …

Foam-Rubber Grip Cover (Black)

Foam-Rubber Grip Cover (Black) for smooth hold and convenient working. No swelling in hand, And Can work for long hours. Classy looks With Black Color        …